How to Increase Your Boulder Home’s ROI

  • Patrick Westfall
  • 06/6/22

At the time of move-in, all you think about is how happy you are to be in your new home and make it your own. However, as the years go on and you might be looking to put your house on the market with other Boulder homes for sale, your additions and renovations aren’t as personalized anymore. Instead, you’ll be thinking about what gets you the best return on investment to get as much value as possible out of your home once you sell it. If you’re ready to start preparing your property for the real estate market, here are eight renovations to make your home worth more.

Update kitchen appliances

When people hear “kitchen remodel,” they normally think of gutting the entire room and getting some trendy redesign. That’s great if you want it, but it’s not a necessity for getting the best value for your Boulder real estate. The most important part of a kitchen redo is simply upgrading appliances. If your stove, fridge, etc., are older, dingy, or don’t match, the best thing you can do is get newer, streamlined appliances that add value to your home.

New entrances

Between the garage and the front door, there are several important entrances to any home. Given how vital curb appeal can be for Boulder homes for sale, one of the best renovations you can do to your home is making sure those entrances are up to date and stylish. Either door might need replacement if they struggle with inefficiency, heat loss, disrepair, and other detrimental factors.
An entry door update is a decent ROI, but the garage door has consistently been the best “larger” home improvement for years.

A fresh coat of paint

If you’d prefer a simpler option for your Boulder real estate, look at the paint. Seriously. Whether you hate the pale yellow exterior of your house or have been coping with a peeling white ceiling, giving your home a fresh coat of paint can help revitalize the residence. Painting your inner walls before you move pays for itself.

Add a deck

Especially for places that pride themselves on their natural views, like Colorado, making sure your outdoor entertaining is up to par can absolutely hook buyers. When looking at deck additions to a home, you can get a great ROI for your hard work. Also, the more grand the deck, the better. Think of second-story or raised decks in particular. Not only do they look a lot more impressive, but also they make it easier to keep the deck and the space below it dry, minimizing wear and tear. These can add appeal, utility, and wow factor to your house so it can compete with other Boulder homes for sale.

Bathroom fixtures

While bathroom remodels are popular, not everybody can shell out the time and money to gut theirs. No one loves getting on their hands and knees and trying to DIY grout for a few hours, either.

So, if you want to give your older bathroom a facelift to compete with other Boulder homes for sale but with less time and money on the line, look at its fixtures. With anywhere between $50 and $200, you can replace the faucets, showerhead, and cabinet handles to give your bathroom a quick, easy, sleek look. No one likes a rusted faucet, after all. This can add hundreds of dollars of value to your bathroom. As long as you make sure the measurements match up with your current plumbing and drill holes, you’re all set.

Ceiling fans

As far as decorative features go, you’ll be surprised to hear that the ceiling fan is one of the most important ones to your Boulder real estate. The National Association of Home Builders found in a 2021 survey that good ceiling fans were a necessary feature for 49% of prospective homebuyers. At $50 to $1,400 a ceiling fan, they add necessary cooling in hot seasons and can add flair to any design. Buyers will see your house as much more polished with good ceiling fans.

Energy-efficient windows

If Boulder homes for sale need one thing, it’s heating and cooling efficiency. As one of those blessed areas that have all four seasons, your home must be capable of weathering hot summers and chilly winters. So, energy-efficient windows aren’t just a smart addition but a necessary one. By changing out your windows, you can improve your own utility bills while also paying forward to the future sale of your home. If your windows are leaky or simply old, this upgrade will attract buyers happy to own their own efficient home. At $150 to $350 for each window repair, though, be prepared for a $20,000+ job

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