9 Reasons People Love Living in Boulder

  • Patrick Westfall
  • 12/30/21

Whether you are looking for a new place to live and need inspiration, or you’ve already decided to move to Boulder and would like to know the perks of living in this beautiful city, this list of reasons will show you why people love living in Boulder, Colorado.

The Job Market

Receiving accolades from US News’ “Best Places to Live” rankings, Boulder took the top spot. One reason that brings Boulder to the top is its great job market and work culture. Showing up as the third-best job market out of the 150 cities ranked by the publication, Boulder’s job market has maintained stability even through uncertainties. Another perk of the jobs in Boulder is that a large number of them are working from home, which comes from the area’s proclivity for attracting tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Denovo, and more into the area. If you are relocating for the opportunity of finding great employment, Boulder will have you covered.

It’s A Small City

It can be overwhelming, or even daunting, to move to a new city, especially if it’s a larger one. A great thing about Boulder is that it isn’t overwhelmingly large. Unlike many cities that outgrow the comfort of close-knitness, Boulder maintains a sense of small-town charm. That being said, there’s still enough variety to not lose interest. With a population sitting just above 100,000 residents, Boulder doesn’t have to sacrifice peace of mind as a result. 

The Great Outdoors

Located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, it should come as no surprise that Boulder has beautiful and scenic views as well as ample opportunities for getting outside. In North Boulder, Foothills Community Park, for example, is a great place for families to stay active together as it offers 65.2 acres. Here, you’ll find soccer teams practicing, kids running around the playground, parasailing, and a dog park. 

Boulder provides many great hiking areas where you can get out and breathe in fresh air while forging your own path through the wilderness. Wonderland Lake is a family-friendly destination with a loop trail around the namesake lake that allows you to explore the natural preserve of the short-grass prairie ecosystem. This trail does not allow access to cyclists, so it’s a quiet, walker’s retreat. For more waterfront access, consider spending the day in East Boulder at Boulder Reservoir for a nice day out on the lake.

It’s Artsy

Credit: Art Museum

Another important aspect of Boulder is its art scene. Home to several great museums such as the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and the University of Colorado Art Museum, Boulder is inspirational to artists and their art brings life to the community. Art galleries are popular in the city as well, with several being located within the Downtown, Whittier, and surrounding neighborhoods. 

Dog-Friendly City

Boulder is also a great place for those who have a furry best friend. Aside from the many great nature trails in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and parks around the city, there are many opportunities to enjoy the city with your dog. These come in the form of dog-friendly restaurants that offer dining on outdoor patios where your dog can sit by your side. Just some of the great options to choose from include Doug’s Day Diner, Avery Brewing Company, and Roadhouse Boulder Depot. In addition, walkable streets mean you get great access to sidewalks so you can take strolls around your neighborhood with your four-legged best friend.

Healthy Lifestyle

Boulder is known to have an active and healthy lifestyle. Aside from the abovementioned activities such as going to parks, taking pets for walks, and exploring the many natural areas around the city, Boulder inspires a healthy lifestyle. This can be seen by the city’s budding vegetarian and vegan restaurant scene. The highly-rated Leaf is a wonderful option and is a locally-owned business serving vegan and vegetarian plates. That being said, many restaurants of all kinds aim to use only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients.

A Great Dining Scene

Whether you’re a foodie or if you just love finding great places to eat, then Boulder’s got you covered. Several restaurants of note are found all around the city and offer their patrons only the best service possible. Try stopping by Flagstaff House, located along Flagstaff Road. With a refined and elevated dining experience, Flagstaff House serves food almost as stunning as its views from atop Flagstaff Mountain. The Sink is also a great choice for a taste of local culture featuring funky themes and dishes such as Ugly Crust Pizza served alongside regional microbrews. These two perfectly encapsulate the sort of variety that Boulder restaurants exhibit. 

And A Shopping Scene to Match

Boulder also has several amazing shopping experiences. One great place to check out is Downtown’s Pearl Street Mall, an outdoor shopping mall spanning several city blocks. Pearl Street Mall has everything you could ever need, from clothing and home goods to restaurants and art galleries, this place has it all. If you’re looking to support locals, the Village Boulder Shopping Center is a great choice as it features a wide range of shops and eateries, with the majority of them being locally-owned. For more, Twenty Ninth Street is a go-to destination for shopping and dining options, whether you’re looking for a quick cup of coffee, a new wardrobe, an afternoon at the salon, or fine apparel. 

Things to Do

If the great outdoors and art scene doesn’t enthrall you, there are several other things to do around town. With plenty to explore, Boulder offers residents and visitors alike various opportunities for getting out and about. Just to name a few options, there’s the Underwater Fish Observatory that allows you to observe the shallower regions of Boulder Creek or the Fiske Planetarium, which offers exhibits and shows. Explore the area and find your favorite activities in Boulder.

Boulder is a great place to live, and you can find out for yourself. If you are on the market for luxury homes in Boulder and would like help along the way, consider working with Patrick Westfall. Having lived in the area for the better part of two decades, he knows what makes the area special and will help you find your dream home in the area. Contact Patrick Westfall today.


*Header Image Credit: TripAdvisor